Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Orange Bowl: Shuey's Show

Go ahead, punk.  Make my day.

Sometimes, I love being wrong.  Like when I prognosticate that my Clemson Tigers will lose a BCS bowl game to legendary coach Urban Meyer and his squad of OSU players who came **this close** to playing for the BCS National Championship. 

Don't get me wrong, thanks to the hotdogging and typical wrong-headed play-switching by QB Tajh Boyd (I'm thinking of the idiotic jump pass near the OSU end-zone & the INT with less than 2:00 left) Clemson ALMOST lost this game.  But who stepped into the gap to save the day?

Orange Bowl MVP Sammy Watkins?

Hell, no.  The man who dogged, pressured and sacked OSU QB Braxton Miller all game long ***OH, AND ALSO managed an INT*** Clemson Linebacker SPENCER SHUEY.

Thank you, #33, for stepping up and being the "in the trenches" MVP of this crazy, back and forth game. 

Oh, and I thought Dabo's post-game rant was classic.  Only team in the Palmetto State to win a BSC game?  Owned up to previous butt-kicking two years ago?  Only non-SEC team to ever beat two ranked SEC teams in the same season?  Only time Clemson has ever had two 11 win teams back-to-back?  Just classic Dabo and obviously all ad-libbed.  You have to love the guy.

OK, I am NOT DONE!  More later!  I plan a follow-up with a post to taunt OSU fans and some Signing Day foolishness, hopefully with my partner in crime, the DaboKoolAId hissef!!!!!!!

Oh, and I just wanted to add this hot Asian cheerleader again.  For my own personal edification.


  1. Damn good game and you are right Shuey played like a stud. Almost every game summary I've read does not mention his crucial INT, so I am glad I read it here. I was thinking I imagined it! Also, I cannot remember a game where the ESPN announcers were so in the tank for the opposing team. It really pissed me off the entire game. I was so glad Clemson won and shut those dicks up.

  2. One day soon, I will watch that game again, make notes on all the dumb stuff that little Italian announcer said and post it here. I promise you, Anonymous Poster! I!!!! PROMISE!!!!!! YOU!!!!!!!