Thursday, January 2, 2014


I think we are going to get our asses kicked.

Why? Clemson has stunk up the stadium in 2013 when playing QBs like Ohio State's Braxton Miller. There is no indication that this game will be any different.

Yes, it is Tajh's last game as a Tiger, but I just feel like this game is going to make all Clemson fans do the following: 1.) hate Urban Meyer, 2.) cry, 3.) get really drunk, 4.) fall into the fetal position, 5.) yell and scream that Dabo should be fired, 6.) turn off the game in the third quarter and go watch internet porn.


  1. Hey, you guysd are still alive! Great to see it even if you got it wrong with the predcitions!

    LOL at that Clemson fan! He got to leave the stadium with his head held hihg both times in these big bowls under Dabo. You got to hand it to Dabo.

  2. Dabo talks shit but he does back it up. Unless it is Sakarlina.